DJP Ingatkan Lagi WP untuk Manfaatkan M-Pajak, Ada Pencatatan UMKM

DGT Reminds WP Again to Take Advantage of M-Tax, There is a Recording of MSMEs

PPh - 13 May, 2022 17:15 WIB

Writter: Admin Ideatax

Ditjen Pajak (DJP) invites the public to utilize the M-Pajak application. Through its social media post on Twitter, DJP mentioned that the M-Pajak app will facilitate access to taxation services for the public. By downloading the application, taxation services can be easily accessed through mobile devices.

"DJP has provided the M-Pajak application for #TaxBuddies to access taxation services through mobile devices," wrote DJP on the @DitjenPajakRI account, Thursday (12/5/2022).

In the tweet, DJP also uploaded a video tutorial for M-Pajak. Taxpayers can download the app from Google Play Store or App Store on their smartphones.

Taxpayers are required to log in to the application using their Tax Identification Number (NPWP) and password, just like accessing the (DJP Online) website. After a successful login, taxpayers can directly use various features available in the application.

Some of the features that can be utilized include tax payment reminders, up-to-date tax information, deadline reminders for payment and reporting, finding the nearest KPP location, and generating billing codes.

"Download M-Pajak now!" DJP wrote.

Recently, DJP updated the M-Pajak application by adding 5 new features that taxpayers can use, including Info-KSWP, fiscal certificates, download lists, UMKM recording, and Government Regulation (PP) No. 23/2018 certificates.

The last two features were added to facilitate UMKM taxpayers. For instance, in the revenue recording feature, UMKM taxpayers can easily pay final income tax (PPh final) based on their gross revenue or turnover.

Through this feature, taxpayers can generate billing codes for the following month according to their monthly recapitulation value done by themselves. (sap)

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