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Taxation and custom automation are a matter of urgency for companies to achieve a formal and material compliance towards the legislations and minimum system requirements. Ideatax is ready to answer your compliance needs in preventing risks that could happen. Our professional talents will make sure those needs are met, so you can focus on running your business.

Accounting Services Project involves journal entry, monthly balance sheet preparation and annual financial report. We have diverse portfolio in industries from our clients for years and our experiences would surely help you in arranging financial report. Numerous trusted Public Accounting Firms are also our partners, and together, we will be able to monitor your financial report needs.

Tax supervision is the most common process in the context of tax system. We are prepared to help you in analyzing the results of the supervision as provided by the tax officer, in addition to identifying the problem and giving out a written response, to assisting and representing you in the early step of dispute prevention of tax compliance testing process.

We understand how exhausting the tax audit system can be. There are also many things that could be unfamiliar to you during the process of tax audit. We have a team of professionals who are experienced in tax audit for years, and we would be glad to assist you in it. Our service comprises of assistance prior to the receiving of the notification letter about tax audit process, providing a helping hand during the meeting with tax officer, to preparing the required data in tax audit process as well as providing the feedback of the audit results.

Based on the rules of law in taxation, filing a tax objection to the Regional Office is one procedure that should be done should there is some truth that must be revealed. Objection is an important process to disclose reasons that could help in proving the truth. It is also the early step of tax appeal. Ideatax is experienced in assisting clients, preparing the evidence and grounds as per taxation laws in tax objection process.

Submitting a request for tax appeal to Tax Court is a crucial process in tax dispute. A Taxpayer is obliged to mention the reasons of the audit result’s objection and provide supporting evidence to the judge at the same time. This particular project will help you in terms of preparing the said evidence, the tax appeal letter, in addition to representing you as the lawyer during tax appeal court session. Ideatax is packed with professionals with a background in taxation and law, and we are more than happy to help you in giving a comprehensive perspective for arguments that will be used in Tax Court.

Judicial Review is the last attempt in tax appeal when the Taxpayer feels that there should be more than the truth presented, and when the tax decision is thought to be deviating tax regulations. In this project, our services will involve the pre-action planning, assessing the letter of Judicial Review, and lastly, arranging supporting evidence that will be needed later.

Tax refund happens when there is a remaining tax in a tax return year that should be returned to the Taxpayer. Ideatax is ready to to help you in submitting and processing refund of tax overpayment. Our team has been routinely assisting the clients in mitigating the risks which could occur during the refund process. Our service includes: planning the submission, preparing the evidence, and assisting the audit process.

In business structuring, tax-related planning is highly required when it has something to do with a holding, merger, acquisition, spin off, consolidation, as well as stock split, right issue, and buy back as in corporate action. The goal of this planning is be to avoid unnecessary tax risks, and it involves creating a complete strategies and schemes to make use of tax compliances to the best of its ability. Ideatax has been a part of project restructuring, thus making us the perfect partner in planning and realization of your business ideas and actions. In running this project, we prioritize preventive and comprehensive planning which presents an integrated aspects of the needed measures. We always give unrivaled efforts to our clients for a good risk management.

Based on our past experiences, a good planning before deciding to finally perform business liquidation is an underrated process. One instance of such planning includes mitigating the possibilities of tax-related risks as the consequences of business liquidation. Our team of professional experts are excited in helping you to see how these risks could happen, as well as giving a comprehensive perspectives for realistic solutions. What’s more, we are also ready to provide advice related to taxation in the context of applying for bankcruptcy by the creditors or declaring for bankcruptcy.

According to The Ministry of Finance decree no. 213/PMK.03/2016, Taxpayer who transacts with a party with a transaction value exceeding Rp for tangible assets and more than Rp. for intangible assets in 1 (one) year for each counter-party transaction in the previous fiscal year, then the Taxpayer should prepare the documentation of the said transaction. Ideatax has been involved in Local and Master file creation for years, and thus we are eager to assist you in your affiliation transaction documentation. In addition, we will also help in fair pricing strategies in case you are going to perform a rearrangement for profit maximization. Of course, these decisions are still within the safe corridor of taxation rules of law.

As a rapidly developing country, Indonesia is one of countries that is actively building tax facilities for important sectors. These facilities can be in the form of VAT exemption, income tax reduction/exemption, and other facilities. Through this project, Ideatax can help you in maximizing the tax facilities provided by the government as support for the development of domestic economy.

This project involves a trusted economy-related data and taxation data search through a direct method of survey or another method. You will be given set of useful information in decision making related to investment and profit increase. We also offer public and private trainings, both autonomous and collaborative with other agencies in educating clients with tax-related knowledge.

Maximize AEO certification performance and compliance with our trusted customs services. Collaborating with relevant stakeholders, we provide precise and efficient solutions for your business growth.

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