Webinar "Dealing with SP2DK" organized by Ideatax X Tokocrypto

Webinar "Dealing with SP2DK" organized by Ideatax X Tokocrypto

15 Aug, 2023 16:29 WIB

Hello Taxpayers,

We cordially invite you to attend the webinar:

"Ideatax X Tokocrypto Webinar Dealing with SP2DK: Optimizing Responses to SP2DK"

organized by Ideatax X Tokocrypto on:

Date: Monday, August 21st, 2023 Time: 2:00 PM (WIB) - until finished Registration Link: bit.ly/IdeataxSP2DK

This webinar will delve into the intricacies of the Letter of Request for Explanation of Data and/or Information (SP2DK), which is a letter issued by the Directorate General of Taxation (DJP) to taxpayers to request explanations of data and/or information related to their tax obligations. We will discuss the purpose behind issuing SP2DK, its contents, Risk Mitigation strategies for SP2DK, and methods for optimizing responses to SP2DK.

The webinar will be presented by an expert in the field of taxation: Cecilia Kartono SE., BKP - Partner at Ideatax

This session will be highly beneficial for those seeking further insights into SP2DK.

We look forward to your presence at this webinar!

Thank you.

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