Types of Tax Payments that You Must Understand

Types of Tax Payments that You Must Understand

PPh - 17 Oct, 2023 19:10 WIB

Taxes are an important aspect of the financial system for both individuals and companies. However, many of us may be confused about the types of tax payments that apply in Indonesia. In fact, if there are errors in tax calculation or settlement it can threaten legality and financial stability in the future.

Between individuals and companies, the tax objects are certainly different. To avoid possible miscalculations, see the following discussion regarding what types of taxes are and how they are calculated.

Types of Tax Payments in Indonesia

There are several types of tax payments, both individual and group. or body. Each of them has been regulated in accordance with applicable laws. To make it easier to differentiate between each, see the explanation below.

1. Individual or Personal Tax

Special individual taxes are marked with code 411125 and are regulated in article 25/29. These types of taxes are divided into several parts with the details as follows:

  • Period of Personal Income Tax Article 25
  • Period of Income Tax Article 25 for Certain Individual Entrepreneurs
  • Preliminary Payment of Personal Income Tax Article 25 skp
  • Annual Personal Income Tax
  • Individual Income Tax STP
  • Personal Income Tax SKPKB
  • Personal Income Tax SKPKBT
  • Payment for Correction Decision Letters, Objection Decision Letters, or Appeal Decisions

2. Import Tax

The next type of tax payment is import tax. Imported goods are also subject to tax at different rates according to type. The tax code for imports is 411123 and is regulated in article 22. The division of import taxes includes:

  • Article 22 Import Income Tax Period
  • Preliminary payment of Income Tax Article 22 Import skp
  • STP PPh Article 22 Import
  • SKPKB PPh Article 22 Imports
  • SKPKBT PPh Article 22 Imports
  • Payment for Correction Decision Letters, Objection Decision Letters, or Appeal Decisions

3. Corporate Tax

Business entities are also required to pay taxes based on their tax object. Types of specific corporate tax payments will be explained in the following review:

  • Period of Corporate Income Tax Article 25
  • Income Tax on the Transfer of Rights to Land and/or Buildings which is not final to the Agency
  • Preliminary Payment of Article 25 Corporate Income Tax Assessment
  • Annual Corporate Income Tax
  • Corporate Income Tax STP
  • Corporate Income Tax SKPKB
  • SKPKBT Corporate Income Tax
  • Payment for Correction Decision Letters, Objection Decision Letters, or Appeal Decisions

Regarding how to calculate it, each tax subject will have a different method. For example, if you are a restaurant business owner, you need to use the following calculation formula:

Basic amount of PBJT (Certain Goods and Services Tax) = Basis for imposition of PBJT x PBJT Rate

That is an explanation of the types of tax payments that need to be understood by all groups, especially business entities. With a better understanding of these various tax payments, you can manage your business finances more efficiently. However, don't hesitate to ask for help from a tax professional if you want to ensure that you fulfill your tax obligations correctly.

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