Types of Assets that Can Be Used as Collateral

Types of Assets that Can Be Used as Collateral

KUP - 27 Oct, 2023 11:10 WIB

Asset collateral is a term that refers to assets used as collateral or collateral, which aims to ensure payment of loans or credit. The use of collateral allows creditors to reduce risk and provide protection against potential borrower defaults. In addition, it also provides flexibility in the credit granting process, because this allows borrowers to obtain additional funds or more favorable interest rates.

In addition, the assets used as collateral affect the amount of credit that can be given. And the types of assets that can be used as collateral vary greatly. What are some examples? Check out the explanation below.

Types of Assets that Can Be Used as Collateral

There are various types of assets that can be used as collateral. However, this depends on the policies and requirements of the lender. Some of them:

1. Property

Property is a type of collateral that is generally chosen for large loans. Examples include land, houses, buildings, shophouses, and various other types. You only need to attach proof of property ownership certificate as collateral.

2. Gold

Apart from that, you can also use gold as a collateral asset in financial institutions such as pawnshops. The value of gold will be assessed based on the current market price. After the loan is repaid, the gold will be returned to the owner.

3. Securities

Securities such as shares, bonds, or certificates of deposit can also be used as collateral. An assessment is carried out on the value of these securities, which will then determine how big a loan can be given.

4. Motorized Vehicles

The next collateral asset that you can use is motorized vehicles such as cars and motorbikes. Vehicle owners generally only need to prepare a BPKB letter and a photocopy of the STNK as a condition for collateral.

5. Ships and Airplanes

Did you know that ships and airplanes can also be used as collateral. Usually this is used by large companies that require very high amounts of funding for certain purposes.

6. Agricultural and Livestock Products

Collateral can also be proceeds from the agricultural and livestock sectors. Usually, this type of guarantee is intended for farmers or ranchers. For example, such as coffee beans that have just been harvested, or products from livestock in the form of cows or goats.

So, those are several types of assets that are usually used as collateral for credit requests. It is very important for us to carefully consider the assets that will be used as collateral in financial transactions. This can have an impact on the level of success and risk in the transaction. So, whether you are an investor, entrepreneur, or individual who wants to understand more about how to use assets as collateral, it is important to understand this.

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