Note! These are the Right Tax Consulting Criteria for Your Company

Note! These are the Right Tax Consulting Criteria for Your Company

PPh - 26 Oct, 2023 14:10 WIB

You may have realized how important the role of taxes is in managing company finances. Ensuring compliance with tax regulations and efficient tax management are important aspects in maintaining a company's financial health. However, in facing the ever-growing complexity of taxation, choosing the right tax consulting service is something that needs to be considered.


This decision should not be taken carelessly, and this is why you need to understand the important criteria for choosing a tax consultant that suits your company's needs. So what criteria need to be considered?

Criteria for Appropriate Tax Consulting

There are a number of standards that you need to consider when choosing a tax consultant to help your company with tax planning, management and reporting. The following is a brief explanation.

1. Qualified Skills

A competent tax consultant must have in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of taxation. This can be proven by professional certification or an official diploma from the competent authority.

2. Has an Official License

Not only that, it is also important to ensure that the tax consultant you choose has obtained a valid practice permit from the Directorate General of Taxes or an appointed official. This is proof that the consultant is legal and authorized to provide tax consulting services.

3. Prioritize Professional Ethics

Professional ethics is a crucial element in accurate tax consultation. Quality tax consulting will always adhere to high ethical standards, including maintaining the confidentiality of client information, avoiding conflicts of interest, and providing appropriate and relevant advice.

4. Trusted and has integrity

Another thing that is no less important is that tax consultants must be trustworthy to provide honest and objective advice. A consultant is prohibited from manipulating information or providing advice that violates tax law. A high level of integrity is the key to a good reputation.

5. Comply with Legal Regulations

A good consultant must understand and comply with all applicable tax regulations and rules in the region in which they operate. This is to ensure that the input provided is in accordance with the law and does not violate applicable tax regulations.

Therefore, in determining the right tax consulting for your company, following the criteria above is a must. And fortunately, Ideatax has met these various criteria.
With a commitment to excellence, experience and a deep understanding of tax regulations, we are ready to be the best solution for all your tax problems.


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